Get out your shovels it’s free zombie slots online

Free zombie slots online! Let’s go find something to eat… maybe braaaaaaiiiinnns!

Who knows, it could happen! You wake up one morning, read your paper as you drink your coffee, and glance outside to see your neighbour Steve chewing on his wife’s left leg. It’s the walking dead! Well then this had to happen to; it’s free zombie slots online! We’ve created a bunch of positively evil looking games for you to play, and perhaps scare your little socks off at the same time! So come for a slightly spooky walk with us through to the twilight zone where the undead are after us all, and they want to chew on your braaainns! You’ll find that when you play our zombie slots for fun, we’ve got Hollywood style graphics and the best production this side of grave yard. Do you know what would be a true horror though? If you had to use your own cash to play our awesome games. So we thought of that too. Because when you play any of our casino games, there is no real money needed. We only ask for you to pay in zombie money! Ok, that’s not true; we just want you to enjoy your evil zombie hunting and have fun! So grab a weapon and go hunting for a zombie jackpot!