Come and play our wild slots for free

It’s time to get wild with our free wild slots

Sometimes, when you play our slots for free online in New Zealand, it can get pretty wild! But when you’ve got every game style, theme and playing possibility on the planet, it can be hard to top your previous work. So, when it came to our wild slots for free, we decided to give you the best possible chance of winning! How do we do that? Well our wild slots have wild symbols in the games that occasionally pop up to shake things up a little. When these wild symbols pop up, let’s say for example a wild panda, that means you’ve just gotten yourself a little treat. It can mean lots of things, and it all depends on the particular game you are playing. But more than likely, you’ve just won something like a free bonus round, a free spin, or even an extra win on top off what you’ve already won. And as usual, just like our raft of other cool games, there are no downloads involved. We don’t even ask for your cash, because there is no real money involved here. So ask yourself, do you have the wild spirit? So go you wild thing go! Play now!