Go talk to your travel agent it’s travel slots

Check in for travel slots online! So get your tickets and let’s go!

We get it. Day to life can get a little… repetitive. And who hasn’t caught themselves at some stage dreaming of a tropical island vacation somewhere in the south pacific. I mean, they aren’t that far away! Well we will try and let you travel around the world with our travel slots online! Whether you want a trip to the tropical Caribbean or a road trip to sunny Dunedin, our games will have all the imagery you need to make you feel like you’re actually there! What sort of transport would you like on your journey? Maybe you’d like to go on a cruise ship to various islands in the Mediterranean? Or perhaps you don’t want to muck around and just jump on an aircraft to get to your holiday spot. From there, just a short taxi ride to your 5 star hotel! Or maybe you have discovery in your blood and you want to go on an African safari? It doesn’t have to be even close to realistic either! We can put you in a time travel machine, and before you know it, you can be a navy admiral or Columbus himself! So go on, travel and play for fun!