It’s as simple as it gets with our straight slots

Come and play straight slots online!

This is as basic as it gets! And basic means simple, and simple means easy to learn, and easy to play! So let’s get going with straight slots online! These games are set up just like they were in American casinos back in the 1960’s. That’s right, the original home of gambling! So what makes these games unique? Well a lot of today’s games have so many bells and whistles that it really detracts from the pure game experience. Not to mention it makes them a heck of a lot more complicated and harder to play. So straight online slots keep it super simple. Load up the game in browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone, click on spin, and you go it, you spin reels. Then winning is super easy to understand too, because there is just one line to keep a track of for matching symbols. And of course, the bar, the cherry, the triple 7 are all there too! You got it gamer, you’ve now got your slots stripes! It couldn’t really be easier. So if you have always wanted to try slots but wasn’t too sure, well here is your chance! Let’s go, there are credits to be won!