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Speed up slots - Put your foot to the floor my friend, its go time!

Are you are power walking, jet setting, card carrying member of the speed club? Then you are ready indeed for speed up slots online for fun! If you just don’t have time for things to happen at a normal pace, if you can’t stand the slow pace of everyday life, our speed up slots are for you! If you’re the kind of person that would rather run instead of walk, or sprint instead of run, you are in the right place for a time challenged individual! Our speed games all have one thing in common: you won’t be wasting one moment of your precious time to get to your win. You see, all games in this section have a button that speeds up the spins of your games. That means maximum action in minimum time! It’s your personal pass to speeding up the slots space time continuum! How could we possible speed up the process any further? Well firstly, there are absolutely no downloads when you play our speedy casino games. And secondly, there is no installation required. That means there is absolutely nothing between you and the maximum amount of fun! We’re putting you on the fast track baby! Because time is money!