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The Aztecs, Mayans, Incans and Egyptians were cultures that were very far apart in both time and distance. But they did have a few things in common: Pyramids and ritual sacrifices to their gods! In Egypt, in the time of glamorous Cleopatra, they built huge pyramids, some say were actually painted with gold so they shimmered and glimmered in the desert sun! The Aztec and Maya civilizations were built deep in the South American jungle, protected by the mighty trees and tentacle like vines that crept through their villages. In some places, whole towns were built into cave-like structures. And let’s not forget the legendary Inca Pyramid structures! Entrenched in the unforgiving rain forests, these structures would be stepping stones to the gods. Some say they’d often sacrifice animals and people at the top, and roll their heads down! Must have been quite the place to live! Well luckily these days we are a lot more civilized, and we just want you to have fun with pyramid slots free online! Play instantly, and play for free! Play pyramid slots for free right now, and see if you can win big! And hey, no sacrifices to the gods are necessary! Isn’t modern life just grand?