Free nudge and hold slots right here and right now

Free online nudge and hold slots

Innovation is a key theme with our free games. We want to keep things fresh and exciting, and to do that, you need to offer slightly different twists on the classic games, with features you may not have seen before. So that’s where nudge and hold slots come in. How does it work? Well, let’s start with the nudge. If you complete a spin, and you land on symbol that is just one rotation away from the symbol you want, you can nudge the reel to go to that desired symbol. As for the hold, well it’s kinda the opposite. If you want to hold a reel on a specific symbol, you can do that too. Pretty simple really. It’s all about giving you an element of control in your gaming experience, and not to leave it completely up to chance! Whether it’s progressive or classic, we’ve got a game that will fit your style down to a tee. Go on, have a look around different nudge and hold games, and find out which one suits you best. There’s no shortage of them to look at! With no downloads, you can play our free online nudge and hold slots casino games now!