Come out from the shadows with free ninja slots

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Lurking in the shadows, crouched down, silent and ready to pounce on the enemy! The imagery and legend of the ninja is nothing short of iconic, so we’ve presented it in its true glory when you play our ninja slots for fun! When you play our ninja themed games you’ll see we’ve bought the untamed warrior spirit straight to your computer screen. The graphics are so good, you might even think that sword will fly right out of your screen! Our free ninja slots have all of the features you would expect from our class leading games. The best graphics in the business, crazily good sound, and game play so smooth even a ninja would be impressed! The best bit out these games though, is that there is no real money required. So that means if you start to get low on credits, all you need to do refresh your browser, the game will reload, and like a ninja’s smoke bomb, your old, low credits have disappeared and you now have a whole bunch of shiny new credits! So grab your samurai sword, sneak in to a quiet spot where you will be completely undetected and load up a game!