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Our precious planet earth is an absolute cornucopia of beauty and serenity, and we wish to show you the best of it when you play our nature slots machine for free! Thanks to our awesome development team, we’re able to bring you Hollywood quality animations and soundscapes showcasing the world’s best natural assets. We’ll take you on a trip into the wild, where you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous flowers and beautiful birds. If you want to see the true exotics, we can take you into the Amazon and show you the wildest flora and fauna the world has in the world’s biggest jungle. We’ll show you how a massive forest goes by day to day, far away from our sprawling concrete jungles. You can see the sunset over the unofficial eighth wonder of the world, the Great Barrier coral reef. Or just a simple rainbow over a meadow after soft rain. It’s a big as ask to bring you that beauty, but we think we’ve done it justice with our nature slots. So go on, immerse yourself in nature and play our games, just for fun! We promise it’ll be a great mix of relaxation and exhilaration, so sit back and soak it all in!