Let’s hang out from the trees with monkey slots

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It’s time to loosen up, limber up, get in a cheeky mood and do the funky monkey! When you play our monkey slots online, we fully encourage you to get a little crazy and swing around! You may have thought that the lion was the king of the jungle, but after you’d spent a while around here, you’ll know for sure that the monkey is the big banana around here! When you play our monkey themed games, you’ll see all the classic imagery you’d expect of our other high caliber games. Lounging leopards, slippery snakes, mad macaws (no relation to Richie) and fabulous fish all make an appearance to brighten up your day. Best of all when you play our monkey slots free, there are no downloads required. We’ve made it so simple a monkey could play them. No special knowledge of computers is required, so you won’t have to call up that young kid down the street to figure it out. Just load up the game in browser, and you’re ready to swing through the vines, and splash into a lagoon of big wins! Just watch out for those powerful pythons, we heard they were up to no good!