Mafia slots we’ve got an offer you can’t refuse

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Everybody wants to be the godfather huh? Well you can’t have your mansions and millions without a bit of dirty work, if you know what I’m saying! When you play our mafia slots, you’ll know exactly what we’re saying. These games have animations, sounds, and even voice acting so realistic, you’ll swear that you just jumped off the boat from Sicily to Brooklyn. A lot of gangsters think they can be made men straight of the bat, but it often takes years and years of crime to get to that lofty position. That’s if you even live that long! When you play our mafia slots for free, you’ll become a friend of the family, and represent them in your city as if they were you own. If they get in a gang war, you do too my good friend! And if you double cross them, well let’s just say you’ll be swimming with the fishes, OK? So if you think you’ve got what it takes to join the Cosa Nostra, well sign up here. Well actually, there are no sign ups when you play our online slots, just load up the game in your browser and you are good to go! Ciao bella!