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Hola, como esta? Hi, how are you? Are you ready to take a trip south of Texas to enjoy some Latin America slots? Well where do you start with such a rich and colourful part of the world? Way back when, it all started with the Maya civilization, in 2000 BC, with their well storied and often violent but seemingly advanced culture. Then fast forward about 1500 years and you have the Aztec people, who had some crazy ideas of their own! And believe it or not around the same time as the Aztecs, the Incans had their fair share of dominance, perhaps best known for their Inca pyramid architecture. Fast forward another 500 years or so and you have modern South America. Better known now for the carnival in the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. That wild beach party going for hot days and hotter nights. Beautiful babes in bikinis, and people wildly dancing the samba in the streets. Quite the picture isn’t it? Well if you want to be part of the Latin heat, just play one of our free Latin America slots online! There are no downloads, and no worries! So come on, feel the heat and play to win!