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In the words of the poet Mr. Axl Rose… Welcome to the jungle! When you play our jungle slots machine online, you’re in for one wild ride! We’ve got all of the iconic imagery you’d expect on quality games! The king of the jungle battle scarred lion for example loves to show up a lot in our jungle games. Then there is the Queen of the jungle, Sheena! Maybe she isn’t so well known... I wonder if she ever met Tarzan? Maybe they were both on their morning jungle commute, swinging through the vines and had a collision? Hopefully they didn’t make each other late for jungle work! Sheena’s boss was a real baboon! Ok enough of that madness; let’s focus on your quest to get that jungle treasure! The game play in our jungle slots is a real blast, and the graphics and animations will make your think you are actually in the depths of the Amazonian jungle! There is no deposit and no downloads needed for this huge journey, just sit down, load up and get playing! Oh, and watch out for those cheeky monkeys, they love to steal your bananas! If they do, just load up your game again, and you are good to go!