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Put a few more saussies and steaks on the barbie, cos this this game is red hot and sizzling! Summer is the best season no doubt! Hot weather, hot girls, and the burning sun beating down, nothing is better! We wanted to recreate the sweet feel of summer with these hot slots online. We’ve even thrown in some cool refreshments: succulent blueberries, sweet cherries and tart lemons for extra zing! When it’s hot out, you don’t really want to have to concentrate too hard; after all you’re trying to relax! So this game is as easy as it gets- Just click start, and click to BET ONE or BET MAX to pick lines and press keys 1 to 9. If you win, just press START or COLLECT. Before you know it you’ll be on fire! Jackpot! If things are flaming and you run out of credits, just refresh your page, and you’re ready to let another hot summer rip again! We’re all about the good times, so there’s no limit to how many times you can play!There are no downloads in this casino game, so play hot slots for free right away. Play now! And remember, always wear your sunscreen!