Come and have a look! History slots online in New Zealand!

History! From B.C. to A.D., it’s an absolutely fascinating thing to find out about, and we’ve recreated as much as we can from it with our history slots gambling machines for free! Where do you begin? Well history is such a vast and daunting thing, that even with our dozens of history themed games we’ve only scratched the surface. But the idea is to bring some of the specific times and events into our games, with rich imagery, perfect animations, and terrific sound design. When you’re playing our history slots online, you’ll be transported to many significant places back in time. We’ve got games featuring the much feared Vikings who were known to leave a trail of destruction wherever ever the roamed. For them a valiant death was considered a noble victory! We’ve got games relating to the mighty Roman Empire, and its grip on Europe and Africa for hundreds of years! Or maybe you’d like to pretend you are an aristocrat from England, travelling to the Wild West to establish your businesses? We’ve even thrown in the odd tyrannical Tsar to mix things up! So get set to go! Play for history, but most of all, play for fun!