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On a dark and stormy night, lightening strikes your bed and you are transported to a fantastical land! Where will your story go when you play our free fairytale slots? Will you travel to a lovely and dreamy fairyland where the streets are lined with candy canes instead of lamp posts? And the rivers flow with fizzy drink instead of water? Or maybe you’ll go somewhere are little darker, where a wicked witch rules the town and you must learn magic to defeat her? Or, maybe it’s a little more heroic than that? Maybe you’ll have to defeat firey dragons that have been terrorizing a town? The possibilities are endless when you play our fairytale slots online! Amongst our fairy tale themed free casino games, you’ll encounter trolls and dwarfs, princesses and ponies, unicorns and unimaginable vistas. So all you have to do, is start to feel lucky, and play! If everything goes well, you’ll be rich, just like the Kings and Queens of fairy town! Oh, and when it comes to our games, there is no trickery or magic involved! And that means no sign ups! All you need to do is load up a game and get playing, it’s that simple!