Dinosaur Slots sure are a roarrrrrring good time

Play free dinosaur slots online

When you play our free dinosaur slots online, we promise to put you in a time machine and transport you back to the dawn of the dinosaurs, in a land before time! When massive giants wandered the plains and shuffled through the jungles. Can you picture in your mind what the world was like back then? Epic battles between the fearsome carnivore king Tyrannosaurus Rex and the stout but heavily armoured herbivore, Triceratops! It must have been absolutely crazy, almost like another planet! The closest thing we have today would possibly be a rhino, and that’s scary enough! Well imagine no more, because we are bringing Jurassic Park to you, online and for free! We’ve put dinosaurs in a casino! Well, not a real one, just the one on your computer screen! Each of our dinosaur slots are filled with awesome images and symbols from when these beasts ruled the earth! Like the long necked brontosaurus and those little vicious menaces, the velociraptors. And the teeth! Those shiny, terrifying teeth! There are no downloads too, all you need to do is find your favourite game and load it up! So get chomping and play instantly right now! It’s a roaring good time!