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Play anyone of our DC comics online, and immerse yourself in the fabled DC universe! DC comics started in New York in the 1930’s with a bunch of different comics. Pretty soon, Batman came along and changed everything. The comic-book revolution had begun, and young (and not so young) were clamoring to grab the next exciting adventure of billionaire Bruce Wayne, and his crime fighting alter ego, the Dark Knight. A lot has happened since then, the man in the bat suit got a sexy rival in Catwomen, and the Joker wreaked havoc across Gotham. Of course the DC world is not all about the bat! When you play DC comics slots online free you’ll find Superman and his arch rival Lex Luthor, both struggling for Metropolis. Then there is Green Lantern, the man with the alien ring who can morph into any object he imagines using the power of will. Maybe he even transformed into one of our casino gaming machines! Maybe he could then give you tricks and tips on how to win while you play! Or maybe he has more important things to do like saving the universe! Hey, it’s worth a try! So make like a super hero and make your play now!