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It’s criminal how fun our cops and robbers slots are! It’ one of our most popular theme categories! Why is that? Is it because people secretly want to be a gangster? On the wrong side of the law, breaking all the rules? Putting aside the boring realities of our everyday lives and ignoring what society expects of you? Being a successful criminal certainly seems glamorous doesn’t it! Meticulously planning out your next heist, to continue to fund your obsession with the finer things in life. Or perhaps you want to imagine yourself as a police detective? Chasing down the crooks, trying to stay one step ahead by studying the clues. Well when you play our cops and robbers slots free online, you can pick whatever side of the law you choose! It’s all a land of make believe and you’re invited. We have a bank vault load of free cops and robbers games to choose from, so find out which game is your favourite, and play for as long as you want when you want! It’s all for fun and all for free. And that’s exactly how a good robber would want it aye? Go on, get started on your adventure!