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It’s time to play butterfly slots for free with no download or registration! Just like in a real casino! Except here, there is no real money needed! What a cute wee game this is! It’s all about the butterflies in this game of penny slots. When you play deposit free butterfly online slots for free you’ll see a huge array of pretty butterflies fluttering their wings and finding you the jackpot! It’s funny isn’t it; butterflies are maybe the only bugs that we think are cute! If a moth goes by, it’s all “ewwww!” but if a wild butterfly lands on you, it’s almost good luck! Like if it lands on you it like little butterflies kisses. Almost as if they are little fairies travelling around giving their blessings. Well here you’ll find these cute critters and pretty flowers on our reels, and it’s your job to try and match them up. The more you match, the more you win! There’s a whole bunch of different types of butterflies you can try and name too. Lots of them just look pretty and bright, but there are a lot that you could definitely name, like the local monarch butterfly. So make like butterfly, and float over to our butterfly games!