Bugs slots games with our cute as button bugs

Play our awesome bug slots for fun!

Play our bug slots for fun, and you’ll see these cute little critters are crazy! Bugs have always been shown to be creepy crawlies, but here we’d like to show them in a nicer light! Do you remember that animated movie A Bug’s Life? Well this game will you remind you of that a lot. The graphics are terrific, the sound top notch, and the whole game experience itself is pretty cool. Amongst the cast of characters, you’ll find a lady bug, a gold bug, even a bumble bug! See if you can find them all. There are also a couple of cool features in this game. If you’re lucky, you will trigger free spins. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll land some sticky spins. This means if you hit a certain wild bug, not only with that wild bug increase your wins, but that wild bug will stick around in the same place for up to six spins! See we told you these bugs were cool! Oh and just to let you know, if you were worried about having to download this game, or any of our games for that matter, don’t worry, there are no download required! Play our online bugs slots for free!