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Ok, so sometimes you just want the hard stuff done for you. Well we’ve definitely taken that in to consideration with our auto spin slots! So first, we took the leg work out for you. You don’t need to make your way to Vegas or local casino. No planes, trains or automobiles are standing in your way when you play slots our online slots with auto spin. Then, we gave you access to hundreds and hundreds of differently themed slots, so you could pick the one that was best suited to you. And then we said, ok let’s make them all free. That’s right, no real money is involved. You win credits of course, but you can never actually lose. Because if you do get low on credits, you just have to reset the page in browser, and you get topped up again! So what more could we possibly do? Well, we made the game play itself! That’s right, with these games, you can choose to have the slots spin automatically at the click of a mouse! So all you have to do is sit back, relax, let your computer do the hard work, and wait for the winnings to roll on in!