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If Old McDonald had a farm, and on that farm he had a casino, then this is probably where he’d put his free animal slots games! And if those animals were playing those games, what would they be like? Well the cat would be pretty sneaky, seeing what it could get away with. The goldfish would keep forgetting what it’s doing due to its seven second memory. The tiger would be quite tenacious in his bets. The dolphin would be quite wise, but unable to communicate due to the other animals not understanding the clicks. The wild lions would bet in groups, since they are used to being in a pride. The dog would just be happy to be there, because for them, anything is cool. And then there would a lone wild wolf, staring everyone down trying to use intimidation tactics to win. Oh, and lastly, there would be the horse, but he’d be long in the face, because he is terrible at betting! Whatever your favourite animal is, you are bound to find them here with our free animal slots. There are no downloads, so you can get to playing your favourite animal themed games online, right now! Have fun meow!